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 Infrared Inspection Service
About Us.


What Is Infrared.

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Thermaltech Group LLC is an infrared inspection service company that is based in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in state of the art infrared camera technology and software, to provide our residential and commercial customers with concise thermal imaging inspection reports. Our infrared services include, moisture and water leak detection, heating and cooling loss evaluation, insect colony location, and commercial roof surveys, just to name a few. The objective of the company is to provide thermal images and recommendations for areas of concern, that otherwise would not be clearly visible, thus promoting a healthy and energy efficient environment to live and work.

             Why Use Infrared Technology

* Fast, Noninvasive & Safe - No Need for Disassembly

* Locate Problem Areas With Pinpoint Accuracy

* Minimize Disturbance of Occupants & Operations

* Provide Visual Documentation for Areas of Concern

* Identify Problems in the Early Stages to Reduce Repair Costs

                         Who Benefits

* Homeowners for a healthier and more energy efficient home

* Commercial Property Owners for moisture, energy, & warranty issues

* Mold Remediation Companies for scope of work & removal verification

* Architects & Residential Designers for evidence of design adherence

* Mortgage Companies for a precise & documented property inspection

* Remodeling Contractors for a proactive approach to unseen issues

* Insurance Companies for pre & post documentation of claimed work

* Maintenance & Facility Managers for a proactive approach to problems

* Insulation Companies for visual evidence and customer satisfaction